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Programs / 5 Year LLB Examination

The following programs are available for the students to choose for their preparation.
ABLTT (Snail) Course Duration: 1.5 - 2years | Course Code: 01

ABLTT (Snail) is a two year program meant for students in class XI. The students are provided foundations and knowledge base at a pace that allows them to also pursue their academics in school and co-circular activities without much time constraints.

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The class XI and class XII curriculum is in continuity.

Preparation is done in 5 stages.
  • Stage 1:   Basics and foundation of concepts (which includes vocabulary building),
  • Stage 2:   Explanation of basic concepts and knowledge base preparation
  • Stage 3:   Testing on concepts and knowledge
  • Stage 4:   Advanced concepts explanations and Testing
  • Stage 5:   Intensive Testing and examination techniques. Mock Tests for various competitive examinations
They are as follows
1 Verbal Reasoning 2 Logic Reasoning 3 Legal Aptitude
4 Quantitative Aptitude 5 General Knowledge

 For course commencement dates and detailed structure please contact centre.


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ABLTT (Turtle) Course Code: 02

ABLTT (Turtle) is a one year program meant for students who have just entered class 12th or completed class 12th and still eligible as per the age requirement.

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This course is available in 3 versions;
The course commences beginning of summer vacations of class 12th (May end/1st week of July). In the summer vacations, it is three times a week. After summer holidays, when schools reopen, it is once a week. The course continues like this till October end when it breaks for the board exams. Students are provided online practice exercises till end of November.

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This course commences after the summer holidays and classes are held twice a week till November when classes break for the board examinations.

Classes resume end of March, three times a week till second week of May (till CLAT exams).

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This course is same as ABLTT 02A except that classes continue till end of January after which classes break till end of March. They resume end of March till 2nd week of May, three times a week. This is meant for students who are dropping the year.

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ABLTR Course Code: 03

ABLTR (Rabbit) is an Intensive Crash Course for aspiring students preparing for CLAT and other Law Entrance Examinations. This is an intensive classroom contact course where the aspiring students are provided intensive training in all subjects. Students are prepared for the exams using special techniques to answer objective type tests.

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Extensive mock tests on the exam patterns are provided. It commences each year usually by March end and continues till 2nd week of May.

Additional tests are provided for students attempting exams other than CLAT.

Exhaustive assessments and testing is done and student’s performance trajectory curves are monitored on a weekly basis. Constant supervision and monitoring of the students is done.

Students are prepared in the following subjects:
1 Verbal Reasoning 2 Logic Reasoning 3 Legal Aptitude
4 Quantitative Aptitude 5 General Knowledge

 For commencement dates please contact the institute.


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ABLTTDLP Course Code: 04

Limited number of students are taken for preparation through the long distance program meant for 5 year Law examinations. Flexibility of structure is provided for the students.

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This program can be taken for a duration of 1 year prior taking the exam or 1.5 years prior taking the exams.

The ABLTT DLP has 3 structure options.
ABLTT DLP Course code 04A   ABLTT DLP+ course code 04B   ABLTT DLP++ Course code 04C
We Provide varied online tests which cater for extensive Preparation for Entrance exam. These tests evaluate one’s knowledge, Understanding and application.

Speed and getting positive scores is the final outcome of such tests.
This course provides Study Material and online Tests. Study Material is dispatched every 3 months. Tests happen on a monthly basis.

Modules are dispatched in the following subjects:
This course is meant for students who can travel to Delhi. Study material is dispatched and students are expected to come to Delhi to be tested on the modules and lectures.

This is available in 1 year and 1.5 years durations.

1 year Option:
This DLP program is meant for class 12th students or students who are dropping the year to prepare …
1.5 year course option:
It is meant for students who are in the middle of class XI. Modules are dispatched upon registration …
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Amreen Taneja
Rank-226 DULLB , Cat. Rank:226

" AB Tutorials helped me strategies and prepare for the entrance exam in a very effective manner. The material issued by them is extremely comprehensive and holistic in nature.

Moreover, the guidance provided by the faculty under the leadership of Mr. Gaurav Bhatara is exemplary and hence my preparation was very well supervised by them! "

Harsimran Duggal
Rank-306 DULLB

" My experience at Ab tutorials was fantastic. I would like to thank Ab tutorials for the constant support and encouragement I got from them. The study material provided by them was to the point and very helpful, and the MYO tests(online test series) helped me keep a track of how my preparation was headed. The classroom environment is great, the teachers and staff are very friendly especially Gaurav Sir who was a constant pillar of strength for everybody.

Ab tutorials surely made my journey into DU LLB much more easier and I would suggest it to anyone looking to crack the LLB exam.. "

Kriti Mishra
Rank-515 DULLB

" The comprehensive and rigorous testing, the detailed material provided and the individual attention given by the staff at AB Tutorials helped translate a dream into reality. The guidance given by our Course Director, Mr. Gaurav Bhatara helped to build a strong base for preparation and the final test. The ever helpful faculty were always available to provide assistance. I am thankful to everyone. "


" I would like to thank AB Tutorials, especially Gaurav Sir for setting me up on the right track on my very first day at the institute. I had no idea about LLB as I am the sole person in my family who wants to study law. AB Tutorials provided me with an environment full of passionate and likeminded people, time management in teaching and modules provided at the right time made the vast syllabus look so lucid. MYO test series was so helpful .Staff here(I mean everyone) was so helpful and soft spoken. I came from Meerut to attend every lecture but I never felt tired from the distance, because as they say that 'SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION "

Ankur Singhal
AIR 3 in CLAT 2016 & in AILET 2016 Rank 22

" The material provided by AB Tutorials is very detailed and helpful.The daily and weekly tests help in achieving speed and accuracy. Logic and legal are there strong areas. The class atmosphere is really competitive and this helps in getting into the momentum. "

Parv Kaushik
AIR 44 CLAT 2016, AIR 45 IP

" I would like to thank AB tutorials and Gaurav Sir, for providing the right environment for preparing for the law entrance exams. The guidance of Gaurav sir and the other faculty members helped me build a strong foundation for my preparation especially in the areas of Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge. The faculty was always ready to help and accommodating. "

Aryan Mohindro
AIR 178 - CLAT 2016

" I have attended AB Tutorials for my CLAT coaching, which is 2 hours of travel from my home town. I feel it is way easy to find a second home in a matter of a few months. The teachers here have been highly co-operative and the timing distance didn’t seem like a problem at all. Our Course Director, Mr. Gaurav Bhatara constantly motivated us and had regular discussions regarding our preparation which was very instrumental in my CLAT prep. No aspirant should call distance a hurdle in acing CLAT. Happy CLATing. "

Adit Garg
AIR 187 - CLAT 2016

" AB Tutorials helped me to achieve my dream of joining a good law school. AB Tutorials not only helped me get preparation for CLAT, but also helped me to gain knowledge about the legal world. The mocks that AB Tutorials offered were very accurate to the CLAT pattern and was really helpful. The material was relevant and comprehensive. Bhatara sir, helped all of us students by coming to class and helping us with our doubts. I thank him for my success and being a great teacher for getting me into NUJS. "

Aditi Thakur
AIR 209 - CLAT 2016

" Excellent coaching institute. Reading material is precise and sufficient. The online tests are very well prepared keeping in mind the pattern of Clat. Teachers are excellent. The owner, Gaurav sir, himself strategies the routine and personally guides each student. I am AIR 209 and AB Tutorials plays a very big role in this achievement of mine. I would recommend every student who desire to excel in Clat to join this coaching institute. "

Paras Marya
AIR 290 - CLAT 2016

" I am thankful to my seniors for encouraging me to attend AB Tutorials. Being a part of the 2 year program ABT has become like a second home. Without ABT and Gaurav Sir’s guidance I do not think I would’ve been able to crack NLU Jodhpur. "

Shubham Jain
AIR 3 CLAT 2013

" I attended AB Tutorials in Hauz Khas, Delhi. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Gaurav Bhatara, our course director who always showed immense faith in me and motivated me to work harder. The coaching was really helpful as I got all my concepts cleared and took numerous tests which proved quite useful. "

2016 AIR
Ankur Singhal 3
Parv Kaushik 44
2015 AIR
Animesh Singh 2
Mansvini Jain 27
2014 AIR
Nikita Garg 1
AV Samarth 13
2013 AIR
Shubham Jain 3
Akshat Agarwal 18
2012 AIR
Aradhya Sethia 9
Ishani Banerjee 10
2011 AIR
Sonakshi Saxena 6
Nayan Banerjee 12
2010 AIR
Jahnavi Sindhu 29
Priyanka Madaan 57
2009 AIR
Jasraj Singh 31
Aparajita Gupta 101