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Duration: 2 - 3 months – custom Tailored | Course Code: 15

Preparing for LNAT: Develop your key skills to get the best possible LNAT score.

  • 100% online
  • Delivered in English
  • Suitable for age 18+
  • Providing over 25 full length Mock
  • 100 RC practice exercises
  • 25 writing samples

LNAT is a exam meant for students intending to do law (LLB after 12 and after graduate) for UK. Also, IE Mudrid & National University of Singapore accept LNAT scores for admission. Cambridge University has its own Test and does not accept LNAT Score.

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The following university accept LNAT.

11 University accept LNAT, 9 are in UK and 2 SUSS (Singapore and IE School of Law Spain)

University of Bristol

Durham University

University of Glasgow

Kings College London


University of Nottingham

University of Oxford

SOAS University of London

University College London

SUSS Singapore University of Social Sciences

IE School of Law, Spain

Course is conducted under direct mentorship of Mr. Gaurav Bhatara, Director / Head Mentor, AB Education (Forbes 2020, 2021).

Why is it important to practice?

The LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) is required for entry to certain law courses at prestigious universities including Oxford. Your TSA result is an important factor in whether you get an offer.

What will you learn?

Our Preparing for LNAT course will help you develop the skills you need to tackle the LNAT with confidence. LNAT is unlike any school test you have taken previously and can prove even more challenging due to the time pressure. We will help you familiarize yourself with all aspects of the assessment, as well as developing your ability to think through problems and arguments critically and logically. You’ll also have the chance to complete a timed full-length test to identify the areas you need to work on ahead of the assessment day.

Preparation Road Map
Familiarization with LNAT Format Practice Exercises Writing Samples Concept explain RC + CR Doubts clearing session Revision
  • Familiarization with LNAT Format
  • Concept explain RC + CR
  • Practice Exercises
  • Doubts clearing session + Mocks
  • Writing Samples
  • Revision
Course features
This course is 100% online and packed full of engaging learning materials, and includes a personal action plan for each learner.
Personal action plan
Personal action plan
Interactive tasks, videos & quizzes
Interactive tasks, videos & quizzes
Timed practice test
Timed practice test


to join this course for achieving top score in LNAT

India’s only Global Law Academy.
Over 250 students successfully cleared LNAT & Joined top Law University till date.
Only Law Institute to be featured in Forbes 2020 and 2021,
  • Top 10 Training Institute – Knowledge Review 2020.
  • Coaching Institute of the Year – Higher Education Review Magazine 2019.
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Why should I take this course?

This course is right for you if you are applying for a law course and you want to:

Get the best possible LNAT score
Go into the test feeling confident
Strengthen your law application
What is LNAT

LNAT is a compulsory Test for those students intending to study LLB in certain universities of UK. Apart from that, IE Spain & Singapore University also accept LNAT scores.

When to take Test

LNAT is normally taken during the class 12th of your school. The cycle normally commences in the1st week of September and continues till the mid of January.

For Oxford University, generally students have to take LNAT before October 15 (please verify deadline from Oxford website).

Pattern: Test is generally in 2 Sections:

Section A: MCQ (12 Passage with 42 Qs)

Section B: Essay (One Essay with 3 choice)

Total marks are 42 and the duration is 2 hour 15 minutes (Computer based). There are no mark deductions for incomplete or incorrect answers. So, it is a good idea to answer every question even if it is a guess.

Test Centre: Test can be taken at your selected date in Pearson VUE center across the country.

What does Test do: It analyses your reading, reasoning & your general comprehension skills. In other words, test your Critical Thinking and Verbal Reasoning skills.

Writing Sample

You have choice of 3 questions, but it does not count towards your overall score. Whenever your LNAT scores are low, university may check your writing sample which will be the deciding factor.

The Essay Qs. are sent directly to the University and they mark themselves. They are testing your ability to construct a reasoned persuasives & balanced argument and to write cogent English. As there is lot of writing of Essay writings at degree level. Essay writing is important part of LNAT.

Typical Scores:
Previous Years Score (/ 42) Percentage
2016 17.9 50
2017 19.9 47.4
2018 23 54.8
2019 21.5 51.2
2020 20.8 49.5

Good LNAT Score: Good score varies from University to University, however for most university 25-27 is considered a good score. It varies from year to year depending on difficulty of the test.

Previous year LNAT Scores:
University Academic Year Average Score
Oxford University 2020-21 27
UCL 2019-20 27
LSE 2019-20 26
KCL 2018-19 25
Glasgow 2018-19 25
Durham 2018-19 24.7
Nottingham 2018-19 22
SOAS 2018-19 11

The scores are released in mid-February for those students who take the exam before 20th January. If you take it after January 20th, then it’s released in August.

If you get a low LNAT score, then you have 2 options, either to defer admission or to opt for a non-LNAT University.

When to take the LNAT?

You can book LNAT w.e.f. 1st August normally. You could take after September and before January of the year you intend admission.

How many universities except LNAT Score?

11 University accept LNAT Scores.

When LNAT Test Result declare?

First set of scores are released to university on 21st October. After this date your LNAT score & essays is available within 24 hours of taking the test.

Free LNAT Qs


70 £ for individuals sitting outside UK.

How to book

Step 1: Set up account on

Step 2: Once your online account registration is complete and you have created an LNAT Profile, you will receive an email with details enabling you to book and pay for the test.

For further details, please contact 8010381038 or or visit LNAT official website directly.

Course Content
Over 25 Full length LNAT Mock
Over 100 RC practice exercise sheets
Over 25 writing samples graded
75 to 100 hours of Live 2-way sessions

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