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Criminal Law Degree

February 17, 2024 212 people Latest news

The way that criminal law courses handle disagreements between individuals or groups sets them apart from civil law courses. In criminal trials, the person suspected of committing the offence is the defendant, and the government is the plaintiff. Criminal law is in place to both punish lawbreakers and shield society from harm. Criminal law is the study of criminal laws, usually with the aim of defending and defending the accused in court. Ram Jethmalani, Mukul Rohatgi, Shanti Bhushan, Kapil Sibal, and numerous more are well-known criminal attorneys in India. Since they have established guidelines for Indian criminal law, many people are interested in this area of law. Aspiring criminal lawyers must complete a rigorous curriculum that includes learning and honing the essential skills in addition to studying the foundational areas of criminal law specialization. Learn everything there is to know about the criminal law courses, subjects, and career scope that are listed on this page.

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