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LLB Distance Learning

March 04, 2024 85 people Latest news

It is crucial to understand what distance education genuinely entails before anything else. Distance education is the general phrase for obtaining an education in which attendance in person at a school or college is not always required. To be present for exams on the dates set by the university, students must report to the college. When someone is working full-time and cannot find the time to attend classes but still needs to earn a degree, distance learning can be helpful. The individual will benefit in many ways from this. First, of dedicating time to the work; and second, of completing an education. For individuals who prefer to study at their own pace and per their own inclination, it is quite advantageous. Individuals are free to choose where and when they want to learn. The individual is not under any fixed obligations. The decision of how to pursue and manage their time is entirely theirs.

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