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LLM from UC Berkeley School of Law

By ABT student Advocate Saachi Juneja, NUJS, LLM candidate UC Berkeley
13 Sep, 2021
LLM from UC Berkeley School of Law
University of California, Berkeley School of Law has been my dream school ever since I decided to pursue my higher studies in the legal field! It was the perfect place to grow, learn and meet new people. My decision to go to Berkeley was influenced by my desire to pursue a specialization in emerging technologies, intellectual property, privacy and the legal rules and practices behind it. 
Berkeley is a quaint university town yet one of the most progressive places in the U.S. The legacy that Berkeley carries of being the trailblazer for activism not going enriched my experience but also influenced my voice. The Masters of Law (LL.M.) program is a 9-month program. It exposed me to the U.S. legal education and the discussion-based method of learning as well as the academic freedom to speak up my own views. A Master’s program provides the opportunity to network and form bonds across various jurisdictions providing a truly multi-cultural experience. However, since there is so much to do in the two semesters, it’s often hard to do it all.
It provided me the perfect platform to deepen my understanding of information technology, blockchain and privacy through course work, participation in university activities and in all of this living in the Silicon Valley and being surrounded by an eclectic of perspectives from the tech companies, academicians, and practicing lawyers.  Berkeley’s curriculum was categorized by a combination of strong foundational courses along with a uniquely rich catalogue of specialized courses. The LL.M. program also gave me an opportunity to be associated with the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, and be a part of its initiatives. A comprehensive understanding of law and its interaction with the various creative industries, at Berkeley, under the tutelage of Prof. Menell and Prof. Merges equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge required to address the intricacies of IP sector in India.
Berkeley is also the place that makes you become more proactive, independent, and responsible. More importantly, one is never alone in that journey because we all also form the strongest and most supportive networks here that we can take with us forever.
I would like to whole heartedly thank ABT Tutorials and Gaurav sir for leading me towards my path and getting me closer to my vision. It was because of his guidance and perspective that I can happily say that I am a Berkeley alum! Gaurav sir is an extremely helpful person and has been my guiding light. I have great trust in his abilities. I owe it to him that I have not only secured an admission in all the colleges that I applied to but also managed to get a scholarship. He pushed me to think and challenge my limits. Sir inspired me to see the brilliance in me.
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