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Sidharth Mohanty From NLUO Working as a development and public policy consultant

By Sidharth Mohanty From NLUO
01 Oct, 2021
Sidharth Mohanty From NLUO Working as a development and public policy consultant
"You find the thing you're looking for in the most unlikely places." 
This, for me sums up the law school experience for anyone from a batch topper to someone who doesn't do well academically during those fateful years. 
The level of intelligence & intellect, soaring ambitions, quality of debates & discussions, competition in all spheres and the constant pressure of performing (albeit sometimes good and sometimes bad) hones a person to deal with anything and everything life thorws at them. Therefore, it doesn't really matter if one doesn't do well in all of the 60 odd papers that one studies during those five years, what is important is that one learns to deal with it and move on to the next goal. That is what sets a lawyer apart from the rest, the ability to digest defeat and move on to the next goal because thats how we get trained, not only by our teachers but by our peers as well. 
And the stereotype that all lawyers do is spin circles around a courtroom cannot be farther away from the actual reality. Lawyers become successful corporate warriors, some go on to work for banking institutions and Government bodies, some do social and policy work, while some even join politics and help run the nation. Law being a versatile field of study produces versatile professionals.
All in all, law school is a wonderful mix of everything you, as an adult, will be facing at the end of your bachelor's degree. And If given a chance, I'd happily go back and do it all over again.
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